Basic Dog Training (6+ months)

First Training Class

In this class we will start with the basics of how to properly walk your dog. No matter the age/size/breed this is essential to teaching your dog to listen and follow you while also exercising your dog both physically and more importantly …mentally. Walking your dog should be a daily part of your lifestyle and do to that it must be enjoyable.  We will also go over how to communicate with your dog as well as access your dogs energetic needs and develop a formula that works with your lifestyle.

Second Training Class

In this class we will go on a long walk to tweak/troubleshoot any issues that may be occurring as well as expand some of the advanced techniques of leash walking. Afterwards we will begin to teach the “Stay” exercise. This is taught not only to teach your dog to stay on command but also to teach your dog self control and work on their reactivity (eg: jumping/barking/chasing rabbits etc.).

We may also introduce the “Leave it “ and “Drop It’ commands.

Third Training Class

In this class we take all the knowledge from previous two classes and put them to work in the real world. We will meet at a Home Depot /Lowes store to begin to socialize your dog in a human world. We will learn to walk through the aisles without reacting to other people. We will learn how to deal with loud noises and big moving objects. We also learn how greet people properly and to sit politely for a pet.  We will also teach some advance versions of the “stay” exercise and begin to teach the “Come” command.

Fourth Training Class

In this class we will meet at Washington Park or another comparable outdoor location. We will learn to meet (on leash) another dog  and walk by other dogs/ geese/ squirrels / bicycles/ skateboards and any other distractions that come up. By now your dog should have the tools to be able to meet out in public places and go on walks without reacting to any of these unforeseen distractions.  We will also discuss any other issues as well as discussing what’s next for your dog