Play and Train Program

Once you and your dog have completed the 4 class starter package you dog is eligible to join our Play and Train Program.

These classes are 2-3 hours long and combine the elements of training and daycare.

The way it works is:

  • Eric will pick up your dog to join a group of six (max) dogs to work in field.
  • Your dog will work on all the basic commands as well as be introduced to off leash work and other advanced training based off what the group is working on that day.
  • While training the dogs also have plenty of time to run and play.
  • We work in large fenced in areas with minimal contact with other dogs.
  • Once your dog has mastered a new skill set, Eric will contact you to show you how to use your dogs new skill.

Meet Our Packs!

Here are pics of some of our Play and Train Packs! Packs are determined by the dogs skill level/energy level/location. Any dog that has completed the first 4 class package is eligible.