Denver Dog Trainer Reviews

Kim, Levi & Shiloh

Eric has come up to our house in Lookout Mountain three times so far, to work with our Bernese Mountain Dog pup. He has consistently been prompt, cordial, attentive to our needs and effective with the little rascal :). We look forward to continuing to work with Eric, and are very pleased we selected him!

Max, Kim & SirriusMax, Kim & Sirrius

We have been working with Eric on training our pup that we adopted at about 4 1/2 months old and came from a pretty rough home with some rotten issues, since the first session he made a huge change with knowing we are his pack leader and started to learn that he could trust us. We have continued his obedience training and he’s become remarkably better!! Eric has even helped us train our little dog who has always been the “princess” in the house, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so calm after a walk!

Kathryn & Penelope

Eric was extremely helpful with our French Bulldog, Penelope. After only one session, she is behaving much better and her troublesome aggression is gone. We’re excited to continue using him for several more sessions to really bring her wonderful personality out

Mark, Sara, & Sammie

My husband and I contacted Eric two months ago based on positive reviews. We have had our mixed-breed rescue Sammie for almost three years, and she’s been an amazing part of our life and a great addition to our extended family. However, we noticed that she was becoming more and more protective of our new house and suspicious of strangers. She’s a high energy dog that can be hard to control. Thankfully, Eric helped change that!

After five sessions with Eric, we now have the tools to correct Sammie’s more “enthusiastic” behaviors. In addition, his techniques have made Sam much more balanced and passive around strangers. Two months ago, we would not have been comfortable taking Sammie to a crowded park or having coffee on a patio, but now we have the tools to take her anywhere.Eric was very patient with us and with Sammie (even when she wasn’t sure about him coming into our home). He showed us how to read Sammie’s emotions better and gave a good perspective on our relationship with our dog. The daily walks and impulse training exercises have helped establish a new dynamic in our “pack.” I’m really happy we put the time and work in every day, even when it was frustrating, because we have seen real results from Eric’s methods.

We highly recommend Eric to anybody looking for a more balanced and healthy dog! Thanks Eric!!!

Levi & Ranger

“Eric did an outstanding job with my dog Ranger. Ranger was a stray that I adopted and was really a great dog but had one big issue, he hated when someone new would come over to my house and start to get really aggressive. In our first session Eric came to my house and we started working on a controlled walk around my neighborhood. Within a half our of walking Ranger was staying by my side, not pulling on the leash and sitting when I stopped. Eric had me keep working on that the next couple weeks, and he was slowly getting better and better each day at listening. Our next session we worked on sitting and staying. Ranger was still having trouble with new people coming to the door so Eric had me make him sit and stay while he knocked on the door, came in walked out and did it all over again. The great thing about Eric is he helps train your dog, but he is also training you and let’s you know what your doing wrong and how to handle different situations. It’s been a few weeks since our last session and Ranger is doing so much better. I can have friends come over without him freaking out and he is a lot less nervous and relaxed which is very nice. I still work on his training every day and thanks to Eric I know Ranger is a much happier dog. I would highly recommend Eric’s dog training, and use him again if any other problems arise.”

Sara P.

Working with Eric was a game changer! I adopted my dog after he was 4.5 and extremely set in his ways. Buddy was actually returned twice for being an “escape artist”. Once I had Buddy for a few weeks, I realized that no collars prevented me from getting pulled down the street by him, had lost him 4 times from him escaping just getting into my car, and realized he must have had a traumatic experience with skate boarders in his past. I grew up with dogs my entire life so thought previous experience would help, but once realizing I couldn’t train him alone I did hours of research…finally after talking to Eric realized he’d be the best man for the job and I’m so glad that’s who I went with.Now, after just 4 sessions, Buddy is able to walk completely by my side with no issues at all on leash, he’s a completely happier and less nervous dog, he can walk by skateboarders without barking and my favorite part: my escape artist dog is now an off leash expert without escaping. My dog walkers and friends also have commented about how visibly happy and obedient he’s become. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience and truly thought half the things we worked on weren’t ever possibilities. You can’t go wrong!

Michael A.

Before Eric, we tried three trainers with no result. Our oldest dog, a powerful and head-strong Belgian Shepard, was too aggressive to walk in the neighborhood or to have guests enter our home. The younger one learned her bad behavior from the Belgian. We are now walking both dogs in the park and they are able to welcome guests at the front door. We are happy and the dogs love their new freedom and being more a part of our lives. We recommend Eric to anyone who wants a better life with their dogs.

Jenn W.

I can’t recommend Eric highly enough. He really understands dogs, but more importantly – he understands how to train humans….and let’s face it, that’s the real challenge! The biggest compliment and proof of his  methods are the comments I get about how well-behaved my dog is when we’re out in public. My pup is just over a year now, and we’ve been working with Eric since my dog was about four months old.