Dog Training with Eric: Training Blog

Dog Training with Eric: Training Blog

Proper Feeding – Dog Training with Eric

Proper Feeding Puppy Feeding People aren't always sure how and when to feed their puppy. Below is a general rule of thumb: 0-6 months feed 3 times a day 6 months on feed twice a day When feeding your puppy it’s very important that they have enough nutrients to power through the day. Look at the diagram on the back of the dog food bag for their size and their[...]

The Game of Fetch – Dog Training with Eric

The Game of Fetch Today we are going to discuss my favorite lesson, the game of fetch. I have been training dogs for almost a decade now and I never get tired of teaching fetch. It is as enjoyable for me as it is for them. The process is not that complicated but these few guidelines will make learning "the game" for your pup that much easier. Dogs will naturally[...]

Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer Heat – Dog Training with Eric

Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer Heat The summer months can be dangerous for pets and in Colorado the sun is even stronger because of the high altitude. Dogs will keep walking with their owners during hot summers so it is important for you to identify the signs of overheating in your four legged friend. What to Look For  Foaming of the mouth  Exhaustion or fatigue  Lethargic  Does not want[...]

How Children Greet Dogs – Dog Training with Eric

How Children Greet Dogs The proper way to teach children how to meet and greet your pet One of my clients called me last month looking for assistance with her kindergarten students. She wanted to teach her classroom the proper way to meet and greet a dog. I was so excited to teach a child the proper way to meet and greet a dog. I can not tell you how[...]

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