Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer Heat

The summer months can be dangerous for pets and in Colorado the sun is even stronger because of the high altitude. Dogs will keep walking with their owners during hot summers so it is important for you to identify the signs of overheating in your four legged friend.

What to Look For

  •  Foaming of the mouth
  •  Exhaustion or fatigue
  •  Lethargic
  •  Does not want to move or continue walk

 How to Stay Safe

  • Generally avoid walking dogs in sunny weather above 80 degrees.
  • Always bend down to feel the pavement. Contrary to popular belief dog pads are very sensitive.
  • On hot summer days walk dogs before 10 am or after 630 pm
  • Favor shady areas and always do exercises in the shade.

How to Cool Off an Overheating Dog

  • Get the dogs pads in cold water, dogs sweat through their pads and paws.
  • Always bring lots of water for your furry friend on outdoor adventures.
  • Monitor your dog. Look for the above listed signs of overheating and walk shorter distances in heat.
  • Walk by water features (lakes, ponds, streams, etc.) for quick access to cool off a hot dog.
  • Look for where water features are

It is important to remember to never leave your dog in the car during hot days. Cars are like hot boxes and can overheat extremely fast. If you must park your car and leave your dog unattended, park in the shade, with the windows down and do not leave your dog for more than 5 minutes.