Basic Puppy Training (Less Than 6 months)

First Training Class

In the 1st class we will discuss your goals for you and your puppy. We will also go into detail about the philosophy of “Pack Leadership.” I will observe your puppy in his environment and begin to understand your relationship. We will also address any immediate issues that need attention. We will then discuss which training gear is right for you and how to work with the equipment. We will also talk about the amount of exercise that is right for your puppy’s energy level and develop a plan on how to achieve this.

I will then teach you how to walk your puppy on a leash. This is the most important step in pack leader training. The rules of exercise, discipline, and affection are all taught during the walk. The walk will begin to remove any pent-up energy, which in turn, allows the puppy to relax. And a relaxed puppy is a happy puppy (and happy owner). This also teaches your puppy to follow you which will establish and solidify your role as ‘pack leader.’

Finally, the walk also helps create a stronger bond between you and your puppy as you do this activity together. You will find that your puppy begins to love the walk because he gets to spend time with YOU, and all puppies want is to bond with their pack.

Second Training Class

The 2nd class is usually done 7-10 days later. At this time we will discuss any issues / concerns / questions that have come up since the last visit and address how to correct them. We will go on the ‘pack walk’ to exercise your puppy and allow me time to review your skills while helping you make any needed adjustments. We will then begin to train on the sit/stay commands and introduce the leave-it and drop-it commands. We start this in a fairly neutral environment to keep your puppy engaged. Your puppy will be ready to learn this after a week or so of following their Pack Leader on the walk.

We go over a clear step by step process on how to sit/stay. This begins to teach your puppy how to resist urges and use self control. It’s like meditation for puppies. It helps balance an excited puppy by having them sit still.This is where we begin to use your voice and energy to work with your puppy as opposed to the leash. It takes patience and a stable,calm,confident energy to do this. As your puppy gets better you will begin to add stimulus to the situation again testing your puppy’s ability for self control while also teaching them to defer to you as Pack Leader.

Remember, we always move at your puppy’s pace. At this point your puppy may or may not be ready to move on to step three depending on his temperament and energy level. If we need to work with him more, we will. It is essential that we cater your training experience specifically for your puppy’s needs!

Third Training Class

The 3rd class is usually done 10-14 days after the previous class. In this class we again start by addressing any questions / concerns / issues and discuss the proper solution. We will go on a ‘pack walk’ to see how your puppy is doing and make any needed adjustments along the way. By this time your leash skills will be getting pretty good.

We will slowly introduce more stimulation to your puppy’s walk. By increasing stimulation you get to practice teaching your puppy self control while keeping your energy stable, calm and assertive. After the walk we will go back to the sit/stay exercise but again we will add stimulation. We may add toys, food and other distractions to the mix. We will also work with you in the room and with you out of the room. This again tests your dogs ability to use self control.

Then you will begin to learn the ‘come’ command. We will start with this command indoors, where there are less distractions and eventually move our practices in a secured place outdoors. I will show you a step-by-step process on how to do this. We begin in a controlled environment and eventually move to longer distances and when ready, more stimulus. The main focus of the third class is fine tuning the sit/stay command.

Fourth Training Class

Fourth Dog Training Class In DenverThe 4th class is suggested 14 days after the previous class. In this class we again start by addressing any questions/concerns/ issues and discuss the proper solution. We will go on a ‘pack walk’ to see how your puppy is doing but this time we may meet at a park or another place that allows dogs in order to increase stimulus.

We will practice sit / stay but again with more stimulation. We then begin to see how your puppy responds to added stimulation and we will fix any issues as needed. We will then practice the come command in a secured location outside. Practicing the come command outdoors introduces a number of new distractions for your puppy; however, by this point your puppy will be learning self-control and practicing restraint from responding to added stimulus.

You will see a shift and calmness in your puppy at this point as he becomes more confident (and you become more confident in yourself!) with you as the ‘Pack Leader.’