Puppy & Dog Training Rates

Schedule Spring Hours: Mon – Sat: 7:30a- 5p

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be done at your home. These classes last between 1-1.5 hours depending on the dogs energy level. Here the owner will be able to discuss any behavioral issues and receive advice and hands-on training to correct the issues that are happening in the dog’s environment.

Starter Package For Adults or Puppies

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  • 4 Classes in 4 weeks: $600:
  • Includes training equipment & paperwork
  • Additional 4 Class package: $500

Puppy 101 Class

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  • 1x class for new puppy owners on how to live with a puppy: $200

Play & Train Package

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​If you are unable to attend training courses with your dog, specialized packages are available for a more hands-off approach.

We offer two types of specialized training packages, a 2 day and 3 day per week package.

Eric will come to your home and pick up your dog for training session. You will need to meet Eric once a month to go over what dog learned in sessions for training upkeep.

  • 1 day = $350
  • 2 days = $700
  • 3 days = $900

Recommended Amount of Classes

The class range often depends on the owner’s goals for the dogs. Off leash training and other advanced lessons take longer to develop.I generally recommend that most adult dogs take between 4-6 classes. Puppies need anywhere between 6-12 classes due to their inability to focus for long times and their high energy levels. Remember, every dog has its own personality and requires different amounts of attention (just like children). We will tailor training to your dog’s specific needs