Dog Day Cares Vs Dog Parks

Dog day cares are supervised controlled environments with professionals equipped to handle dog situations, this is the main reason I recommend dog day cares over dog parks. See the list below.

  • Prescreening for all dogs: At dog parks you are not familiar with the other dogs and their behavioral type. Dog day cares prescreen all dogs for aggression and health.
  • Clean environment: Dog parks can potentially be unsanitary and you can not be certain that all the dogs are up-to- date on their shots. As mentioned previously, dogs are prescreened before entering a day care facility. Each owner is required to provide proof that their dog is up-to-date on all shots. Also, dog day cares are closely monitored (about one person for every 5 dogs) so environment stays cleaned and sanitized.
  • Trained professionals: At dog parks you have to rely on the responsibility of other owners if a dog fight breaks out. As mentioned previously, dog day cares are monitored with trained professionals equipped to handle any situations safely. In the unlikely event that something does happen the day care facility has the medical and financial means to address the issue.

What to Look for in a Dog Day Care

  • Video Cameras: Video cameras allow you to check in and see how your dog is doing their stay. They provide complete transparency between the day care and owners.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Facilities: You want a facility that does not give the dogs a rest time. A dog will rest when it’s tired. Dogs do not need a specific time of day to nap. Indoor/outdoor spaces ensure that your dog will get the exercise and the environment needed for low stress.
  • Large/ Small Dog Designated Areas: Facilities that separate dogs by size ensure safety and responsible supervision. Smaller dogs could potentially get hurt rough housing with larger dogs.
  • Calm Environment: A calm environment means a controlled environment. If the dogs are acting out they are not getting the attention that they need.
  • Humans Per Dog: You should look for a facility that has 1 human for every 5-10 dogs. This allows proper supervision and adequate attention to detail when it comes to sanitation and misbehaving.
  • Insured Companies: An insured company can provide the proper medical attention if needed. They will assume responsibility for any injuries while under their care and can respond to injuries effectively.
  • Efficient Emergency Policy: Dogs could get hurt when playing with a number of other dogs, who all have their own personalities. Look for a facility with a firm and practical emergency policy.

Below is a list of recommended Dog Day Cares in the Denver Metro area.