Meet Lola, My Training Dog (Ret.)

As a human training dogs I realize that I can only teach so much to my canine student. That is why my best friend ‘Lola” is around. Lola is a very unique English Bulldog. She is balanced and even tempered. No matter the situation Lola knows exactly what to do when it comes to helping another dog achieve a balanced/calm state. She will often teach the canine student correct dog manners and she remains calm even around the most aggressive of dogs. Her demeanor around children and helping them overcome their fears is nothing but brilliant. I often have children learn the basics of walking a dog with Lola.

In Lola’s spare time she enjoys hanging out at the park & chewing on a stick. You will often find her snoring through frequent naps during the day. Lola is a big fan of squeaky toys, bones, and food. She is proud to say she hasn’t missed a meal yet!!!  Lola enjoys a good scratch behind her ears and never turns down a belly rub.

Sorry no pup-arazzi please.

Lola has set her paws up and retired from the hard life of being a training dog. She is now chasing her true pet-tential (and not her tail) A star on the rise, see some of her paw-fectly stunning glam shoots below.